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my phone ®

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motion detector, anti-theft protection
and security apps for android phone...

"Don't touch my phone" is a phrase that is commonly used to tell someone not to use or handle one's phone without permission. It is often used in a joking or playful manner, but can also be used seriously to express a desire for privacy or to prevent someone from accidentally or intentionally using or damaging the phone. The phrase is often used in the context of shared living spaces, such as a family home or dorm room, or when leaving one's phone unattended in a public place.

25 000 000 downloads

This is the most reliable motion alarm app. 25 000 000 milion secured mobile phones.

Free anti-theft app

The application is free.
You don't need to pay.
The best security apps for android phone

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Registered Trade Mark

Don't touch my phone is a registered trade mark.

  • MOTION ALARM - App detects motion when someone tries to touch it without your permission Try it now!
  • DISCONNECT CHARGER ALARM - Protect your phone while it’s charging - An alarm will sound when someone tries to disconnect the charger cable. TRY anti-theft app
  • PIN CODE -  for super protection
  • FINGERPRINT - Switch off the alarm with your fingerprint. Try it now!
  • ALARM SOUNDS - Choose any alarm you want. Funny or scary?
  • RUNS ON EVERY ANDROID PHONE: Another strong point of this app is that it runs well even on older Android devices and is generally undemanding in terms of system resource usage.
  • DONT TOUCH MY PHONE Wallpapers - Download and install incredibly beautiful and stylish Don't Touch My Phone Wallpaper on your devices and stop hiding your smartphone from snooping friends and family, you can make your phone screen look cooler than ever before. More wallpapers on our Pinterest collection

Anti-theft app with intruder selfie feature


Don't touch my phone is an anti-theft mobile app that detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without permission. This is the most reliable Safety Alarm for your mobile phone. 

Find out immediately who tries to unlock your phone. Use the mobile touch alarm feature with a motion sensor and detector.

🚨  This anti theft alarm app will be useful for you, especially if the circumstances below relate to your everyday life:

1. Are you worried that someone is trying to tamper with your smartphone? 

2. This simple and useful security has saved my phone several times. 

3. You are afraid your phone will be stolen. Thieves hate this alarm!

4. Afraid about the people who might try to unlock your phone?

5. Your friends are snooping around your phone to read your texts and private emails without your permission.

6. You are afraid to leave it alone in public places like schools or airports.

7. Your kids, siblings, family members or coworkers are using your phone when you’re not around.

8. Jealous partner is always snooping around your cell phone.

🚨  How to use it ? Prevent unauthorized access with a quick and easy setup:

1. Press START to activate the Anti Theft Alarm. 

2. Place the device in a fixed place, e.g. a table

Download Don't touch my  phone app and secure your phone today 

	 Don't touch my phone: Anti-Theft phone alarm app

Don't Touch My Phone

Do your friends or family members snoop into your phone without your consent? Are you afraid 

Maximum devices covered:
Unlimited (free app)
Stand out features: Motion detector, Charger Alarm, anti pickpocket, anti-theft
Paid or free: Free

$0 $7.99

Security apps for android phone

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Email: [email protected]

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